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UM Cake Pops

Today I made UM Cake Pops. They are all made of chocolate cake. I made them in the shape of footballs, megaphones, and the standard cake pop shape. I decorated them with the UM logo as well as some other fun designs. Some of the pops also have orange sugar sprinkles.

These are a really fun and festive desert. What do you think? What about UM are they your favorite team? (Mine is FSU, Go Noles!)


Harvest Cake

Today was my last day of the Wilton Cake Design Class! Here is my certificate from the class today.

For my cake today I decided to make a harvest cake. I made chocolate buttercream. Yes it is as delicious as it sounds. Basically, you melt bakers chocolate into the buttercream and mix it in. I baked a yellow cake and also filled it with the chocolate buttercream. I made golden and red roses for the top of the cake.

The piping around the bottom of the cake is a copper-colored shell pipe design.

All in all I think this course was a lot of fun and very informative. I learned a lot about baking, making,  and decorating buttercream cakes. Next week starts the gum paste and fondant course. This class will run once a week though the month of October. As always I will keep you posted on what I am making. I think this weekend I will be making some cake pops. Keep you posted! 🙂

First Day of Fall

Today is the first day of fall. If you live here in South Florida you would never know it. Now that fall is here I thought I would share a recipe I found with you. I think I am going to make these this coming week for my family for the start of fall. I will let you know how they turn out. This recipe came from my Disney Family Fun Magazine (the picture was taken from their website as well). It is a perfect treat for the start of fall.

Caramel Apple Muffins

*Make a batch of your favorite apple muffins in the reusable or paper liners and let them cool. (You can use a store-bought box mix or find some good recipes online)

*Use an electric mixer to blend 8 ounces softened cream cheese, 2 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon maple syrup, and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract until smooth. Add past food coloring: 1 small dollop of orange and 2 small dollops of brown. Blend until evenly incorporated. If needed, add more color until the desired shade of caramel is reached.

*Frost each muffin and coat or edge it with chopped nuts. Slide a craft stick into the center of each.

Makes 12 muffins.



Last night in class we learned about making, filling and decorating cupcakes. I chose to bake lemon cupcakes. I filled them with a lemon filling. I have never filled cupcakes before it was very easy and very fun. In class we practiced making different flowers like the shaggy mum and the pompom flower. Surprisingly, I found that decorating cupcakes is actually harder than a regular cake. I made four different colors with my icing, light blue, dark blue, purple, and green. The color combination looked pretty nice together.

Next week is the last week of this class session. I will be taking fondant and gum paste design next.

Here are a few pictures of the cupcakes I decorated. What do you think? Do you like lemon cake? Which one is your favorite? Also, check out the photos page for more pictures.


Cupcake Cake

This is my latest cake, I call it the cupcake cake. I made it for a birthday party tonight for my niece and sister-in-law. The cake is a marble cake with a chocolate filling, buttercream icing, and buttercream designs. I made a few modifications when I baked this cake so I hope it tastes great. I cooked it on a little lower of a temperature than I did last time (325 degrees). I cooked it for about thirty minutes. While the cake was cooling I made a simple syrup of sugar and water and used my pastry brush to “paint” the cakes. This technique helps to keep the cakes nice and moist.

The decorations have pink and purple dots around the sides and a cupcake on the top. These were both new things that I had learned in class this week. Here are a few pictures for you.


First Cake

Well I baked my “first” cake yesterday. I put first in quotes because I have baked many cakes and pies before but this is the first cake using my new techniques. I did this cake for practice.

I used two 8″ aluminum pans and baked for about 30 minutes on 350 degrees. I made a white cake with a strawberry filling and buttercream icing. I practiced some piping around the edge and some designs in the center.

Here are a few pictures of the cake. I cut a slice out so you could see the inside filling. The taste came out pretty good but I still need more practice on the frosting and design.

Yay I have a blog!

Hello! As some of you may know I have a new hobby/side job that I am taking on and learning. Cakes! One of my good friends has been making fabulous cakes for a few years now. She turned me on to the idea so here I am. I decided to blog as I go. I will try to show/explain all my trials and hopefully wonderful designs that I create. 

I signed up for the Wilton Cake Course at Michael’s. It is the first course and I have class every Wednesday night from 6:30-8:30PM. Which is perfect because it is when little Ava is sleeping. 🙂 I will be taking the classes and learning as well as practicing alot on my own. I will try to update as much as I can and post pics of what I am doing.

My first class was last night. We learned some baking basics as well as some beginning piping work. Some helpful tips I learned in class were that aluminum baking pans are better than the darker non stick pans. This is because aluminum pans create a lighter and softer cake. Another good tip I can share is that once your oven light goes off you should wait an additional 10-15 minutes for the oven to fully pre-heat.

After learning some of these baking tips we then finished the class with piping some basic star patterns on our cookies. The piping was not that difficult. I took a few pictures of the star piping on my cookies and posted them for you to see.

This weekend I will be baking, filling, and icing a cake to practice some of the techniques. Next week we will be bringing in a baked cake and learning how to color icing and do different design work. I am very excited for this class.

I will keep you posted!:)