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First Day of Fall

Today is the first day of fall. If you live here in South Florida you would never know it. Now that fall is here I thought I would share a recipe I found with you. I think I am going to make these this coming week for my family for the start of fall. I will let you know how they turn out. This recipe came from my Disney Family Fun Magazine (the picture was taken from their website as well). It is a perfect treat for the start of fall.

Caramel Apple Muffins

*Make a batch of your favorite apple muffins in the reusable or paper liners and let them cool. (You can use a store-bought box mix or find some good recipes online)

*Use an electric mixer to blend 8 ounces softened cream cheese, 2 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon maple syrup, and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract until smooth. Add past food coloring: 1 small dollop of orange and 2 small dollops of brown. Blend until evenly incorporated. If needed, add more color until the desired shade of caramel is reached.

*Frost each muffin and coat or edge it with chopped nuts. Slide a craft stick into the center of each.

Makes 12 muffins.


Comments on: "First Day of Fall" (2)

  1. Yum, alright I’m going to try it. You inspired me to attempt to cook bread the other day. My house smelled delish! but my bread didn’t come out so good- I don’t like to knead. Maybe I need a breadmaker. cupcakes look delish! thanks

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