My Cake Designs

I am starting to prepare for my Easter baking. I am really excited and I hope everything turns out great. I will be making two bunny cakes and two batches of cake pops for Easter Sunday. Once I finish everything I will be sure to post some pictures and let you know how everything goes.

I started my baking off with this easy recipe, Rice Krispie Easter Eggs.



For this recipe I used the basic Rice Krispie Treat recipe. After I made the cereal treats I molded them in plastic eggs. After, I shaped them in the eggs using my finger to push a little well in the middle of them. In the well I added two to three M&M candies.


These came out really yummy and were super easy to make. They are also a great thing to make with your kids. My daughter had a lot of fun with this even though she ate a million M&Ms as we were putting them in the eggs. 🙂




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  2. This is a fab post, thanks for the idea! looks great and fun! We have been getting exited about easter too! For a bit of a traditional English take on things you might like our roast lamb recipe

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