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Getting Ready for Easter

I am starting to prepare for my Easter baking. I am really excited and I hope everything turns out great. I will be making two bunny cakes and two batches of cake pops for Easter Sunday. Once I finish everything I will be sure to post some pictures and let you know how everything goes.

I started my baking off with this easy recipe, Rice Krispie Easter Eggs.



For this recipe I used the basic Rice Krispie Treat recipe. After I made the cereal treats I molded them in plastic eggs. After, I shaped them in the eggs using my finger to push a little well in the middle of them. In the well I added two to three M&M candies.


These came out really yummy and were super easy to make. They are also a great thing to make with your kids. My daughter had a lot of fun with this even though she ate a million M&Ms as we were putting them in the eggs. 🙂




Pumpkin Seeds

Well today we started the process of carving our pumpkin. (I hope it lasts until Halloween) After I washed the outside of the pumpkin we cut open the top. We pulled out all the seeds and the rest of the inside of the pumpkin. I rinsed the seeds in water and then strained them through colander and rinsed again. After this I laid them out on a greased baking sheet. I baked them on 300 degrees for about 15 minutes. Then I took them out.

Next, I mixed 1/2 the seeds with olive oil and ground sea salt. I also wanted a sweet option so I mixed the other 1/2  with vegetable oil, cinnamon, and sugar. Then I returned them to the oven where I baked them another 15 minutes.

They came out great. This is a fun fall snack and activity for you to do when carving your pumpkin.

 How do you like to make your pumpkin seeds? How are you going to carve your pumpkin?


First Cake

Well I baked my “first” cake yesterday. I put first in quotes because I have baked many cakes and pies before but this is the first cake using my new techniques. I did this cake for practice.

I used two 8″ aluminum pans and baked for about 30 minutes on 350 degrees. I made a white cake with a strawberry filling and buttercream icing. I practiced some piping around the edge and some designs in the center.

Here are a few pictures of the cake. I cut a slice out so you could see the inside filling. The taste came out pretty good but I still need more practice on the frosting and design.