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Last night in class we learned about making, filling and decorating cupcakes. I chose to bake lemon cupcakes. I filled them with a lemon filling. I have never filled cupcakes before it was very easy and very fun. In class we practiced making different flowers like the shaggy mum and the pompom flower. Surprisingly, I found that decorating cupcakes is actually harder than a regular cake. I made four different colors with my icing, light blue, dark blue, purple, and green. The color combination looked pretty nice together.

Next week is the last week of this class session. I will be taking fondant and gum paste design next.

Here are a few pictures of the cupcakes I decorated. What do you think? Do you like lemon cake? Which one is your favorite? Also, check out the photos page for more pictures.



Cupcake Cake

This is my latest cake, I call it the cupcake cake. I made it for a birthday party tonight for my niece and sister-in-law. The cake is a marble cake with a chocolate filling, buttercream icing, and buttercream designs. I made a few modifications when I baked this cake so I hope it tastes great. I cooked it on a little lower of a temperature than I did last time (325 degrees). I cooked it for about thirty minutes. While the cake was cooling I made a simple syrup of sugar and water and used my pastry brush to “paint” the cakes. This technique helps to keep the cakes nice and moist.

The decorations have pink and purple dots around the sides and a cupcake on the top. These were both new things that I had learned in class this week. Here are a few pictures for you.